The Website Process

The Intelligent Website Process

We have an intelligent and successful web process for delivering high quality intelligent websites at affordable pricing in Northamptonshire and the UK. We enjoy what we do and we take pride it the whole process to ensure it’s website and SEO successful.

It is important for us to work together that this process is understood and that you are comfortable with it. This is in place to ensure we can work together well and deliver a high-quality functioning, intelligent and successful website.

We are here to support you every step of the way. Please get in touch to chat on your project and to get started.

the Intelligent Workflow

Enquire & Discovery

This is where you show your interest in us, to helping you with your website project.We start with having a chat and begin the exploration to ensure we can work together on the project. Bringing intelligent and smart minds together.


Proposal & Sign Up

After the discovery work, we will talk you through the proposal and the best options for your project, answer any questions you may have. Then you sign up for us to work together. When the sign up happens, 50% payment is upfront and the remaining balance is due when the website project launches. 


Research & Design

We will research what is needed to position your company successfully. We will look at current design trends best for your website project, what works well for marketing and SEO success. This stage is about us understanding what you want and what will work best for your business to grow successfully and intelligently delivers against your companies goals and most importantly your customers needs.


Design & Build

Once the web projects, mock ups have been agreed and signed off, we will begin the website build process. Using the best practice techniques we develop all WordPress sites that are user friendly, and engaging and of course intelligent. From your desktop to your mobile device to ensure customer engagement and conversions. 


Build & Test

The build time takes time to ensure a fluid simple flow to every step and that it is user friendly across all devices. Your website then goes through usability testing and a full review. This means reviewing usability with potential users. For larger sites, this may include focus groups, and a full evaluation with key stakeholders. 


Test & Launch

After reviewing and testing, we are almost ready to launch. Before launching, we do everything we can to ensure a smooth transition. And we conduct our full pre-launch check list to make sure your site is truly ready to begin connecting to your customers.

When this is complete, it’s time to launch your site into the big world and celebrate.


Support & Evolve

Your site is now live, serving and attracting your potential customers. What happens next? A successful website is an evolving website. Here at the intelligent website, we like to continue supporting with your online growth strategy. Offering SEO management services, and engagement with online media marketing, getting you noticed and growing your business.


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